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We are an award-winning, production company in Los Angeles focused on creating
high-quality entertainment and marketing while bringing inspiration and greater well-being to the world.

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  • Black Eyed Peas " We Be Workin'" | Music Video
  • Opus Orange "Balance" | Music Video
  • Flowers | Short Film
  • Capital To Country | Docu-Series
  • The Trash Mermaids "Cryptic Love (Offer Nissim Remix)" Music Video - 1.5 Million Views!
  • ra'Yoka | Fitness DVD
  • Back On Earth | In Development
  • Rocky Dawani "African Reggae Fever" | Music Video
  • The Trash Mermaids "Cryptic Love (Live Performance)" Music Video
  • Trigger Happy | Short Film
  • Neil Nathan "California Run" | Music Video
  • Neil Nathan "When The Rain Falls" | Music Video
  • Swallow | Pilot turned Short Film
  • Keb Mo "America The Beautiful" | Music Video
  • Inspired To Ride | Feature Documentary
  • CBS Hawaii Five-O "Theme Song" Network Promo
  • Call Randy | Web Promo
  • A Day In The Life Of Randy Brewer | Web Promo
  • Opus Orange "Fortress" | Music Video
  • Watch Me | Web Promo
  • Finding The Words | Short Film
  • Mile... Mile & a Half | Feature Documentary
  • Back On Earth | In Development
  • R.I.P.D. | VFX Productions
  • Opus Orange "The Next World" | Music Video
  • Michael Beckwith's Spiritual Liberation | Feature Documentary


We believe in telling stories that answer these questions “Who are we on our deepest  level?” and “How can we be the best versions of ourselves?” in entertaining and inspiring ways that will create more well-being for our audiences, and ultimately the world.


  • Awareness & Understanding
  • Positive Impact
  • Universal Truths
  • Transformational Journies
  • Profound Experiences
  • Overcoming Challanges
  • Personal Growth
  • Empowerment
  • Higher-Purpose


  • Creating and selling high-quality, conscious media and entertainment.
  • Satisfying, delighting and inspiring our audiences.
  • Supporting our team member happiness, well-being and excellence.
  • Creating wealth and prosperity for our company and investors.
  • Caring about our communities.
  • Identifying, understanding and being an integral contributor to the market.
  • Creating on-going win-win partnerships with our collaborators and vendors.
  • Promoting the well-being of all our stakeholders by example and through education.


With a knack for shepherding a project from idea to screen, my passion is producing stories which entertain and inspire.

I was 12 years old when my love affair with storytelling and filmmaking began. And, even then, I was keenly aware of media’s possibilities to have positive impact.

I have a unique career trajectory resulting in a combination of skills which have built a solid foundation for my producing career. I went to film school and earned a B.A. in Moving Image Arts and a Minor in Business & Marketing. Prior to producing, I was a union Camera Assistant, Telecine Colorist/Color Grader, Commercial Production Coordinator, and VFX Coordinator/Liaison to Director. Even before I started producing full-time, I had 80+ credits on TV, feature, documentary, commercial, and music video projects.

Since then, my production company, Zaza Productions, Inc., has produced award-winning music videos and social impact documentaries, TV pilots, docu-series sizzles, yoga DVDs, award shows, and network promos. Two of my independantly produced documentaries launched on Netflix. Not an easy feat – especially now!

My producing awards include Best Feature Documentary and Best Eco Doc for Mile… Mile & A Half and Best Music Video for Keb’ Mo’s “America the Beautiful” amongst others.

Producers Guild of America Co-Founder of the Social Impact Entertainment Task Force

Producers Guild of America Employment Committee Co-Chair (one-term)

Producers Guild of America Diversity in Producing Committee Member and Mentor

Los Angeles City College Film/TV Department Advisory Board Member

Conscious Media Visionaires Founder and Executive Director

Speaker, Moderator, Facilitator, Interview Guest & Panelist

Los Angeles Business Journal’s Women Making a Difference Award Nominee 2013 – 2019

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  • The Frontiersmen – Historical TV series adapted from a popular, Pulitzer-nominated book about the true-life heroes of the late 1700′s American frontier.  (The protagonist is Kia’s ancestor!)
  • Back on Earth – Action-adventure TV series for young adults about an angsty and homesick teen who returns to earth ten years after his abduction to disclose the truth about aliens to the world but causes an intergalactic war that makes him, and his alien BFFs, targets by all sides as they fight to save earth and the galaxy from evil… all while trying to find a safe place they can call home.
  • ¿El Ridículo? – Latin-focused feature film about an unbelievable but true-life Cinderella love story.
  • Snow – Drama feature film set in the late 1970’s about a young, ill-equipped mother stranded with her two daughters at a highway-side motel wondering if her husband will return as promised.  Based on a true-story.  From Sundance Screenwriting Lab.


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I have had the opportunity to work with Kia on several high profile shoots. Kia is not only an organized, reliable, trustworthy Producer, but also a creative problem-solver who can think on her feet. I have seen her handle extremely complicated shoots with grace and ease. She has an impressive work ethic, an ability to be flexible under pressure, and a knack for asking insightful questions. The thing I like best about her, however, is her drive to continuously develop her already impressive skill set. I respect her professionally. I respect her personally.

I have had the pleasure of working with Kia as a producer and production manager on several projects including a feature documentary entitled Spiritual Liberation, a national television commercial for AT&T, a Black Eyed Peas music video and promotional yoga instructional video. I have also been fortunate to become friends with Kia during this time. Regarding Kia’s professional skills, I would have to say she is one of the more conscientious, detailed, positive and effective producers I have had the pleasure of creating with. I look forward to future opportunities to create and work with Kia again.

Kia produces with vision and passion. She also has a great vibe to be around. Although our work is stressful she is comfortable, peaceful, and chill.

It would be a challenge to find a more passionate, communicative, organized, and hardworking human being than Kia. And her energy lifts everyone who comes into contact with her. Besides all the obvious assets Kia brings to a production, she’s a fabulous creative producer. I always appreciate and enjoy our discussions about our project’s stories, themes, characters, etc and I find they enhance the final product.

Problem solver, wrangler, translator, negotiator, crisis manager, fairy godmother and therapist. Kia deftly wears the many hats of a producer with graceful confidence and boundless enthusiasm. Her incredible dexterity is equally matched by her passion for a project. A natural collaborator, she’s hands-on, in the trenches and completely unflappable. She has the ability to execute a shared vision under the most challenging of circumstances. She is thoughtful. She is insightful. She is a champion of the creative. And as if all this wasn’t enough, Kia continues to tirelessly support and mentor others in the industry. She loves what she does. It’s undeniable.

Kia Kiso and I worked on many music videos together. Kia cares deeply for the artists she works with. She is a passionate film producer who transforms artists’ visions into reality with great efficiency and professionalism.”

As an animal action coordinator, I run a department with unique needs and requirements. I found Kia an efficient collaborator, a communicative mediator, and creative ally every step of the way. Her music videos were animal-centric and ambitious. As typical of all projects I work on, from behemoths like the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise to more modest shows like “Dog Days”, her project had more animal action than budget. However, through meticulous planning, creative scheduling, and an effective “plan your dive/dive your plan” set ethos, Kia was able to give her client everything they wanted and more. Moreover, she did this while treating my department and our craft with respect; never making us feel rushed. Most importantly, her evident care and commitment to our animals’ comfort and welfare extended beyond meetings and email pandering. It permeated the work environment. It was a pleasure helping Kia create this video. I use the word “helping” intentionally since it never felt like work.

“Kia’s work as a producer on the pilot “Swallow” was first-rate. She’s organized and focused, and will always go the extra mile to get the job done. She’s easy-going, good-humored and fun to be around. In a world of deadlines and high pressure, she is a calm and steady hand on the wheel.”
     • Dan Greenberger – Emmy & WGA Award-Winning On-Air Promotion Writer/Producer, CBS Television (“How I Met Your Mother”)

“Kia Kiso is the ultimate professional while creatively approaching any task in front of her. I have had the pleasure of working with Kia on multiple events for the PGA. And she did an amazing job moderating our panel for the Produced By Conference. Her energy is infectious.”
     • Megan Mascena Gaspar – Producers Guild of America Treasurer; Freelance Post Producer (“New Girl”, “Speechless”, “Jag”)

“I have had the pleasure of witnessing Kia’s growth as a producer and organizer. I’m excited to see her next venture and have absolute faith in her.”
     • Rikki Hughes – Emmy & Multi-Grammy Award-Winning Producer (Dave Chappelle’s “Equanimity” & “The Bird Revelation”)

“Kia is a good producer, but she’d be a GREAT producer if she’d just let me go for a sunset swim in the ocean while on location in Hawaii. But, seriously, there are many attributes Kia has brought to each and every job on which we’ve collaborated, but the trait I appreciate most is her desire to be the best and create the best end product. It reassures me that she has my back from beginning to end.”
     • Ric Serena – Director (“The Twilight Zone with Jordan Peele” promo, “Mile… Mile & a Half”)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kia and watching her amazing creativity and infectious spirit in action. She is an extremely gifted filmmaker and talent, she creates a wonderful environment for others to allow their talent to flourish and she is and will continue to be a force in the industry. I anxiously await her next projects.”
     • Lincoln Bandlow – Lawyer, The Law Offices of Lincoln Bandlow, P.C. (“The Bling Ring”, “Morgan Spurlock Inside Man”)

“Kia Kiso is a fearless producer. She is open to taking on big idea concepts, running with them and then turning those ideas into reality. She’s not afraid to play in the dirt, getting her hands dirty with the many nuances of production but compliments this by effortlessly navigating above the line thinking like a CEO with the business aspects of a production.”
     • Mike Dion – Producer/Director (“Inspired to Ride”, “Ride the Divide”)

“Kia Kiso is the kind of producer you dream of having on your project. She’s extraordinarily organized, thinks through every detail, is prepared for the expected—and the unexpected—and is tenacious in her pursuit of great work. But more importantly, she’s a warm and committed collaborator. Kia’s calm and assured presence on a production gives you and your team the confidence that “everything is going to be alright” in a business that’s filled with moments of stress and anxiety. She brings the rare combination of expertise, enthusiasm and approachability that elevates every single production.”
     • Aaron S. Dotson – Principal, Creative Director ELEVATION Advertising

“I’ve been working with Kia over the last nine years, whether it was on VFX on a big budget feature, lower budget music videos, graphic design, or visual development work. She has always been as steady as a rock, pushing for a higher bar, and her extensive knowledge of each step of the production pipeline gives her a natural strength to rely on when delivering feedback and direction. Her enthusiasm for the work comes through, no detail is left behind. I sincerely hope that we will continue to collaborate and work together again.”
     • Chris Grun – Animation Head of Locations – Feature Division & Digimatte Supervisor, Dreamworks (“Hunger Games”, “Boss Baby”)

“Kia is the consummate professional. She seamlessly blends her creativity, compassion, and outside-the-box thinking with a profound grasp of structure and organization. Working with her is a pleasure because I trust her to not only come up with an unexpected, great idea, but to also execute that idea on time and within budget. Kia is an excellent collaborator and talented leader: she is open to all ideas, and has an instinct for letting a conversation drift to an unexpected but important discovery, and then gently rein it in to keep to a schedule without hindering the overall creative process. I’ve seen her do this many times, and have always been impressed. Kia is an integral component in every room, and is eager to shine the spotlight on others. I give her my highest recommendation and trust her implicitly.”
     • Michael Lipoma – Writer/Producer, Partner BelLipoma Entertainment

“On ‘RIPD’, our team was in a constant state of emergency, and though we were thrown a new curve ball every day, Kia kept her departments organized and on course. Kia has a strength of character that is rare in entertainment. She is honest, and brave, and not afraid to trade verbal punches with bullies. When she and I had conflict she was a skilled negotiator and was able to quickly separate the necessary facts from emotion and here-say. I learned from her wisdom and am a better person and stronger leader for knowing her. She is of the highest personal and professional caliber. She is what more people should be.”
     • Johnny Gibson – VFX Supervisor, Pixomondo (“The Mandolorian”, “X-Men: Days of Future Past”)

“It is easy to recognize the high quality of dedication, work and professionalism that Kia brings to her endeavors. I have known Kia for almost 10 years and I have witnessed a constant passion and diligence in her work. We have done many jobs together. Her production expertise is invaluable, and her contributions are magnified by her positive attitude and caring nature. It is obvious that these qualities are ingrained in her, and part of what she brings to every job.”
     • Pepper Humphrey – Executive Producer/Producer (Beyonce “Lemonade”, Spotify, Polo/Ralph Lauren, NIKE, Microsoft, Dell)

“I have had the pleasure to partner with Kia at the PGA as she designed and launched the initiative Social Impact Entertainment Task Force. Her vision and passion for quality, meaningful projects is the core of who she is. Along side her extensive skillset as an on-set producer, she is the embodiment of a leader of teams. She is exactly who you want in the creative room and spearheading on set.”
     • Anne Marie Gillen – Producer/President, Gillen Group LLC, formerly Revelations Entertainment (“Fried Green Tomatoes”)

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